Lisa Zhu Expat Services

"Let me show you a unique Shanghai."

Lisa Zhu was born in Shanghai and spent her childhood with her grandparents, just like most of the kids in China. She lived ten minutes walking distance from both the Bund and People’s Square – the heart of Shanghai. She grew up speaking Shanghainese and exploring her dynamic city streets.

At the age of 7, she moved to the "Spring City" of China – KunMing in YunNan province – to be with her parents who lived there because of her father's work. Suburban life couldn’t replace her love of Shanghai and she was determined to move back. In 2001 she finally got her chance, returning to Shanghai to study Business English at college. She worked part-time at a McDonald’s on NanJing Pedestrian Street, practicing her English skills with Western customers. She gave her first tour to actors of the opera Les Miserables!

As her business developed, she worked for expat families as a Mandarin tutor, language assistant and consultant on life in China. She was also a homeschooling teacher for expat children.

Over the past ten years, Lisa has worked with expat families from all around the world. She has helped people with diverse tasks, from language training to holiday travel, shopping tours to cooking lessons, helping with kids' homework to assisting with party plans, to finding and training Ayis and drivers. 

It is not just her language skill that makes Lisa a great facilitator but also her strong awareness of Western culture. Her unique tours let visitors and residents experience an authentic Shanghai.